The Scribe Desktop App is the recommended way to use Scribe with your meetings. With the app, you can see upcoming meetings that are scheduled to be recorded with Scribe, join meetings when they start, and more!

See below for more information about what you can do with the app, and please reach out to us if you have any other desktop app issues that are not covered.


First, download the app for your platform from the latest release in GitHub (click the arrow next to Assets to expand):

  • Scribe-0.x.y-arm64.dmg: macOS (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max)

  • Scribe-0.x.y-x64.dmg: macOS (all others)

  • Scribe-0.x.y.Setup.exe: Windows

If you want older releases, you can find them in the previous releases.


  1. Open the .dmg file and drag the Scribe app to the Applications folder.

  2. Open the Scribe app from your Applications folder.

  3. If you get a popup, click "Open".


How to install the app on Windows - 12/16/21 11:58:47 AM


Sign In

With the app running, you should see an icon in your menu bar and a prompt to sign in.

Click "Sign In" to open your default browser to sign In to Scribe. If you are already signed in, you don't need to do anything else.

Once you are successfully signed in, you can click the app icon to show the app pane.

From the app pane, you can:

  • Click to open Scribe in a browser.

  • Add a new meeting by adding the Join URL.

  • Access the menu (to quit, sign out, or check for updates).

Viewing your current meetings

With the app running, it will automatically open the pane when any meeting starts that you are directly invited to (in Scribe, or in a Google Calendar event that [email protected] is also invited to).

Click the "Open" button to open the meeting in a dedicated Scribe transcript window, which stays on top of other windows, as well as its associated meeting in Zoom/Google Meet if applicable.

Joining a Zoom meeting with an invite link

Note: for the time being, if you are the host of a Zoom meeting, this feature requires that you are NOT signed into Zoom on the browser you open the invite link in.

When you join a meeting using the invite link (in a browser or from another app like Slack or Calendar), the app will check if that meeting is currently being recorded in Scribe. If it is, Scribe will automatically add you to it and show the meeting in the app. Otherwise it will offer to Add Scribe to the meeting with one click.

You can also add Scribe to an existing meeting manually by clicking the "βž•" button.

After clicking "βž•", enter the meeting link in the window that appears. This meeting may be a Google Meet url or a Zoom Invite Link.

Just like the "Add Scribe to Meeting" button, the app will first check if there is an existing Scribe recording for the meeting link, adding you to it if so.

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